Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Been a Minute...But HERE GOES (random stuff)

Apology for Being GONE so LONG, but in the mean time RANDOMNESS

I have had a busy and unflattering semester since this summer's blog. SO PLEASE FORGIVE ME...

School had me busy for a minute, then I began to dwell off into writing and when I am there, It takes over me...But I will be back with blogs as often as they "hit" me. It is the end of the year, So I better get back into now. I know everyone is trying to get their resolutions together and all. Good luck! I just decided to get them together as the days go. I have been dumping "junk" off left and right. Feels good too.

I stopped tolerating "foolishness" from family & so-called friends. I mean, daily I read something saying "Life is short!" and that is True... So why even bother with foolishness. If it is not beneficial to your LIFE, cut it short. Move on. No need to keep going in circles. Jazsmine Sullivan said that best. You got people acting like visitors in their own home. And don't ask where they do that at? They do that right here in Marion.

And not to mention ALL the false relationships. I mean YOU know exactly "what it is" so why you stressing. Why are you settling when "he" / "She" giving you a few minutes of their time. There is nothing wrong with having SELF-esteem and SELF-CONTROL... there isn't a shortage of men/women, but when you act like that; THEY treat you like that.. Get some Self-worth. But if you love your self, you already know what you got to do.

As a woman we all sit around and talk MAD TALK about what we "ain't", what "he better" and all of that...but it truely is another story when you are home and you know that man (or chick) is with another. Doesn't feel good. I don't even care if you are a BADD CHICK with Sexiness Everywhere like myself, it happens to the BEST of US...But you know what, you DESERVE the Best...Remove yourself. OKAY enough of the sob stuff...DO YOU!! That's just for those that feel me...I won't even mention the ones who are bragg aloud knowing they in HELL....LOL

I hope the word HATER is no longer allowed in 2011...it seems as if ALL is being hated on>>LOL..WHY? I mean, for what? Haven't grasped that entire concept yet, but OH WELL...

For the new Year, I would like to encourage more LOVE...Simply Said. I mean help someone, even if its a kind word of encouragement or lending your ear. You really don't know what the next is going through. Volunteer in your child's class or your community. Its free and you not only help them, but watch how it gives you a new perspective on life..

I was once called Bougie..( I think I am in a sorta fun way--You got to know me to get it), but when they realized my out-pouring and GREAT personality...They were just in love with me...And all I did was lend a helping hand...Little did they know I had my own issues going on..But it made me forget about my issues momentarily to help someone else. Well that is all for now...it is 2 am...LaterZ...iWriteUread

Monday, July 26, 2010

Exploring Google for the Classroom

So this week in my Technology class we had the pleasure of Exploring Google. I must say, I love all of the the information gained. It is fun to learn great things and even better to take it into the classroom and fuel other minds. Below you will find a list of the sites explored and some info on how to make it helpful in your classrooms or just personal lives as well.

Google Sketch Up: I have to say, for me it was fun. It seems all complicated at first, but then it becomes simple to create. The more you use it, the better off it will be. I would use it for various areas, it incorporates a lot. I would say it is very helpful to someone in the graphic and design vocational curriculmn.

Google Earth: Very cool! But that was expected. I deem myself the Map Quest queen. (I know, I'm behind, but I am going to purchase a GARMIN or TOMTOM, by Christmas) (LOL) So with mapquest being so excellent in my travels, why not Google Earth being on target. I would use this in my Social Studies/English Literature classes. We would have scavenger hunts or even virtual tours.

Googletools: They were the best. I was just informed of the Google Documents, and Yes I will be using that for students, as well as MYSELF. No more lugging around my computer (well it will cut the time in carrying it around). And it will give your students a NO EXCUSE tolerance. You can use from any computer. GREAT!!

Google Lit TRIPS: This too was Great. I see a lot of Virtual tours researching time periods. It is a great way to learn of a particular place.

Langwitches and Real World Math: They were a great way to interest students in Google reader and Google Maps. They were fun, but I found them to be a little complicated, but with practice, it is possible to maneuver.

Exploring Google is a great way to search and find valuable resources...Great!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Student Blogs (June 22)

So I had the opportunity to review some student blogs. They were from and for various subjects. I reviewed Mr. Gerin's Participation in Government Class, Theory of Knowledge, Mr. Turtola's Cyber English Blog, AP English Language, and Gifted Students (ddtanner.edublogs.org). Each of these blogs offered teacher support, as well as student support and student lead activities. I choose each of the blogs because they all had updated content, the information was also up to date, and the information was easily accessible to the students and parents. Each of the blogs were helpful models. They really made the subject matter of each class more interesting. It was as if each student was knowledgable and ready to learn. For the most part, I think using a blog in the classroom is needed. It is a fun outlet to promote technology in and out of the classroom. It makes it more comprehensive and engaging. TO find the Blogs that I used go to: http://theedublogger.com/check-out-these-class-blogs/ and simply scroll down! Happy Blogging!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why We Need To Teach Technology in School

After viewing this video, I feel that technology is imperative to our future. After you have viewed the video, what are your thoughts to technology being taught? Is it a hindrance or not to our future? Why or Why not?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Technology in the Classroom (Review of Web 2.0 tool)

Okay, So I am into my Master's Program. And as any professional would, well at least they should, they would take some course or courses to improve their knowledge of modern technology. Being as this is for class and I love internet searching; this was great!

For the assignment, we were to comment on one of the web tips recieved in class. I choose web tip #4 that deals with "thinking globally." Being a classroom teacher of Highschool students, you want to keep each student involved and on task as much as possible. Most kids are computer literate before even taking an appropiate course on it. That is why it is important that we as professional stay ahead of them. In recent years, Facebook, twitter, myspace, bebo, globalgrind, Ning.com, skype.com, and others have taken the web by storm. Kids love these sites, as well as most adults. They keep you upbreast with what is going on literally everywhere.

For classroom usage, you have to make sure that the material is age appropiate an adequate for a school setting. You can use these as teaching tools, as well as, cultural crossings (allowing your classroom to pierce into another classroom across the country). I think all of the sites listed in TIP #4 are helpful and great. These sites help you as an educator perfect your craft and get leads in your chosen field. It teaches character development to your students, because they may not have interacted with another ethnic group before now. So check into skype.com or globaleducation.ning.com to see what's happening across the classrooms of America. And when you do, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Random thoughts: Book Released, Cheating, & Whatever else comes to mind! LOL

SOOO I haven't blogged in about TWO MONTHS...SORRRRRY!!! Good Excuses though, and I know I don't like excuses, but sometimes things really do happen!! My book was RELEASED and I am in PROMOTION mode...Yes "ONCE a BAD GIRL" is purchaseable online at publishamerica.com! I am happy and proud of myself...I still have a few more goals to accomplish but I am on my way...Thanking Jesus advance! Its all him!! and, Yes, I want to thank all you guys for the support and LOVE!! THANKS...

Cheating: My THOUGHTS
Okay, so the subject of CHEATING is something that EVERYBODY got the answer to when it is NOT them!!! LOL... I can say that exprience is the best advice...YESSS...TOOPRETTY was cheated on!! Duh, your ass too (probably)! Either you stayed or your ASS left, but the bottom line you did what worked for you and that is all that matters!! The only thing I hate about cheating, well hell, there are several, but I will speak on a few:

1) When you are cheated on, before thinking you run your mouth! You tell all and any to everybody! Once you do that you, get all kinds of advice on what you should do, instead of thinking clearly and making a SOUL DECISION! (then later on, when you go back, you feel a certain kind of way.)

2) You do something totally stupid. You beat somebody ass, and Police are called! You set the bed on fire (LOL), you burn the clothes you bought (LOL), You torch the house! You get my drift..You SET IT OFFF!!

3)You are calmly lied to. I mean, caught in the act and still in denial type shit. (there's more, but you can add them)

ALL of the above and more sicken me...but the ultimate would have to be when somebody tell you to leave the person that cheated..Honestly that is the likely thing to do. But if you are truely in love, you are not going to leave like that. (or if you do, you will find yourself back). Cheating is something different to everyone...It is..and only you know what you are going to tolerate and deal with...(advice from my AUNT). What I am saying is support your friend with whatever they are dealing with! If they want to stay or leave, support them...#DONTJUDGE...cause if they like it, I love it!! #IJS in other words...Handle your situation, or #SHUTTHEFUCKUP!!

Faking the Funk
I have never been able to fake with nobody! Just not me! I only fucks with the Real...and I am only real. I give my friends and family the raw and uncut version everytime. WHY? Because that is what the world will give them...Nothing less!!

I don't play with a person's emotion...I don't want them to play with me. That is why it is hard for me to take a person after they have used me. Fool me once, shame on me...not sticking around for round 2. I can be cordial to you! I mean, i am nice enough to speak and keep it moving..But anything else #NEG! #ontothenext...

Changing Others
It is not going to happen, so please stop wasting your time. You can be an example of what you'd like to see...But don't go into a relationship to mold a man or woman into your likings! Not gonna happen and you're going to be frustrated and miserable.

Wanting What you WANT when you want it
SPOILED is what he calls me...And? I can be! Why? cause what he won't do, I WILL...See it is not what a MAN can do for me (that's an addition for me) But its about WHAT I CAN DO FOR ME! That way when he on his period, or whatever! I am still doing me! Independence is good...Get you some!!! Then you can make specifications to the type of relationship you want!!#IJS

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Social NETworking "OPINIONS"

OH MY GOSHHHH!! Social networking is the "ISH!" It is the future of networking and socializing...It is way more convienent than most phone conversations..AND most frequently chat through social networks than phones. Me, I use all my social pages to convey positive messages or let my social friends know of various things that are going on.. Many of the love it, some of them disagree. I want that. Simply because I have an opinion and would love to hear others. I say things that make you think, and I know that things others say will make me think. But we must remember that OPINIONS are too like ASSHOLES (thanks cousin PUNCH)(he should trademark that) Everyone has one! I don't state them like facts. I state them like they are...MY OPINIONS...

So if you are social networking, especially Facebooking and/or Twittering, please know that they are the opinions of others! If you don't like the status, simply comment (be prepared for a rebuttal possibly) or simply ignore. But do keep in mind that it is an OPINION...