Monday, July 26, 2010

Exploring Google for the Classroom

So this week in my Technology class we had the pleasure of Exploring Google. I must say, I love all of the the information gained. It is fun to learn great things and even better to take it into the classroom and fuel other minds. Below you will find a list of the sites explored and some info on how to make it helpful in your classrooms or just personal lives as well.

Google Sketch Up: I have to say, for me it was fun. It seems all complicated at first, but then it becomes simple to create. The more you use it, the better off it will be. I would use it for various areas, it incorporates a lot. I would say it is very helpful to someone in the graphic and design vocational curriculmn.

Google Earth: Very cool! But that was expected. I deem myself the Map Quest queen. (I know, I'm behind, but I am going to purchase a GARMIN or TOMTOM, by Christmas) (LOL) So with mapquest being so excellent in my travels, why not Google Earth being on target. I would use this in my Social Studies/English Literature classes. We would have scavenger hunts or even virtual tours.

Googletools: They were the best. I was just informed of the Google Documents, and Yes I will be using that for students, as well as MYSELF. No more lugging around my computer (well it will cut the time in carrying it around). And it will give your students a NO EXCUSE tolerance. You can use from any computer. GREAT!!

Google Lit TRIPS: This too was Great. I see a lot of Virtual tours researching time periods. It is a great way to learn of a particular place.

Langwitches and Real World Math: They were a great way to interest students in Google reader and Google Maps. They were fun, but I found them to be a little complicated, but with practice, it is possible to maneuver.

Exploring Google is a great way to search and find valuable resources...Great!!!

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  1. We were the opposite in google sketch. I honestly found no interest. I couldn't get started. But google earth was my favorite.