Monday, June 14, 2010

Technology in the Classroom (Review of Web 2.0 tool)

Okay, So I am into my Master's Program. And as any professional would, well at least they should, they would take some course or courses to improve their knowledge of modern technology. Being as this is for class and I love internet searching; this was great!

For the assignment, we were to comment on one of the web tips recieved in class. I choose web tip #4 that deals with "thinking globally." Being a classroom teacher of Highschool students, you want to keep each student involved and on task as much as possible. Most kids are computer literate before even taking an appropiate course on it. That is why it is important that we as professional stay ahead of them. In recent years, Facebook, twitter, myspace, bebo, globalgrind,,, and others have taken the web by storm. Kids love these sites, as well as most adults. They keep you upbreast with what is going on literally everywhere.

For classroom usage, you have to make sure that the material is age appropiate an adequate for a school setting. You can use these as teaching tools, as well as, cultural crossings (allowing your classroom to pierce into another classroom across the country). I think all of the sites listed in TIP #4 are helpful and great. These sites help you as an educator perfect your craft and get leads in your chosen field. It teaches character development to your students, because they may not have interacted with another ethnic group before now. So check into or to see what's happening across the classrooms of America. And when you do, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!


  1. I have not had the opportunity to check out those sites, but I will. However, I would like to say that I bet it is interesting for students, especially elementary children to see what is going on in say... Africa, Hawaii, Rome. Being that they are really eager to learn new things. I will definitely do that. Thanks.

  2. I totally agree with you. High school students are already computer literate and you must find ways to keep them on task.