Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Been a Minute...But HERE GOES (random stuff)

Apology for Being GONE so LONG, but in the mean time RANDOMNESS

I have had a busy and unflattering semester since this summer's blog. SO PLEASE FORGIVE ME...

School had me busy for a minute, then I began to dwell off into writing and when I am there, It takes over me...But I will be back with blogs as often as they "hit" me. It is the end of the year, So I better get back into now. I know everyone is trying to get their resolutions together and all. Good luck! I just decided to get them together as the days go. I have been dumping "junk" off left and right. Feels good too.

I stopped tolerating "foolishness" from family & so-called friends. I mean, daily I read something saying "Life is short!" and that is True... So why even bother with foolishness. If it is not beneficial to your LIFE, cut it short. Move on. No need to keep going in circles. Jazsmine Sullivan said that best. You got people acting like visitors in their own home. And don't ask where they do that at? They do that right here in Marion.

And not to mention ALL the false relationships. I mean YOU know exactly "what it is" so why you stressing. Why are you settling when "he" / "She" giving you a few minutes of their time. There is nothing wrong with having SELF-esteem and SELF-CONTROL... there isn't a shortage of men/women, but when you act like that; THEY treat you like that.. Get some Self-worth. But if you love your self, you already know what you got to do.

As a woman we all sit around and talk MAD TALK about what we "ain't", what "he better" and all of that...but it truely is another story when you are home and you know that man (or chick) is with another. Doesn't feel good. I don't even care if you are a BADD CHICK with Sexiness Everywhere like myself, it happens to the BEST of US...But you know what, you DESERVE the Best...Remove yourself. OKAY enough of the sob stuff...DO YOU!! That's just for those that feel me...I won't even mention the ones who are bragg aloud knowing they in HELL....LOL

I hope the word HATER is no longer allowed in 2011...it seems as if ALL is being hated on>>LOL..WHY? I mean, for what? Haven't grasped that entire concept yet, but OH WELL...

For the new Year, I would like to encourage more LOVE...Simply Said. I mean help someone, even if its a kind word of encouragement or lending your ear. You really don't know what the next is going through. Volunteer in your child's class or your community. Its free and you not only help them, but watch how it gives you a new perspective on life..

I was once called Bougie..( I think I am in a sorta fun way--You got to know me to get it), but when they realized my out-pouring and GREAT personality...They were just in love with me...And all I did was lend a helping hand...Little did they know I had my own issues going on..But it made me forget about my issues momentarily to help someone else. Well that is all for now...it is 2 am...LaterZ...iWriteUread

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