Saturday, June 12, 2010

Random thoughts: Book Released, Cheating, & Whatever else comes to mind! LOL

SOOO I haven't blogged in about TWO MONTHS...SORRRRRY!!! Good Excuses though, and I know I don't like excuses, but sometimes things really do happen!! My book was RELEASED and I am in PROMOTION mode...Yes "ONCE a BAD GIRL" is purchaseable online at! I am happy and proud of myself...I still have a few more goals to accomplish but I am on my way...Thanking Jesus advance! Its all him!! and, Yes, I want to thank all you guys for the support and LOVE!! THANKS...

Cheating: My THOUGHTS
Okay, so the subject of CHEATING is something that EVERYBODY got the answer to when it is NOT them!!! LOL... I can say that exprience is the best advice...YESSS...TOOPRETTY was cheated on!! Duh, your ass too (probably)! Either you stayed or your ASS left, but the bottom line you did what worked for you and that is all that matters!! The only thing I hate about cheating, well hell, there are several, but I will speak on a few:

1) When you are cheated on, before thinking you run your mouth! You tell all and any to everybody! Once you do that you, get all kinds of advice on what you should do, instead of thinking clearly and making a SOUL DECISION! (then later on, when you go back, you feel a certain kind of way.)

2) You do something totally stupid. You beat somebody ass, and Police are called! You set the bed on fire (LOL), you burn the clothes you bought (LOL), You torch the house! You get my drift..You SET IT OFFF!!

3)You are calmly lied to. I mean, caught in the act and still in denial type shit. (there's more, but you can add them)

ALL of the above and more sicken me...but the ultimate would have to be when somebody tell you to leave the person that cheated..Honestly that is the likely thing to do. But if you are truely in love, you are not going to leave like that. (or if you do, you will find yourself back). Cheating is something different to everyone...It is..and only you know what you are going to tolerate and deal with...(advice from my AUNT). What I am saying is support your friend with whatever they are dealing with! If they want to stay or leave, support them...#DONTJUDGE...cause if they like it, I love it!! #IJS in other words...Handle your situation, or #SHUTTHEFUCKUP!!

Faking the Funk
I have never been able to fake with nobody! Just not me! I only fucks with the Real...and I am only real. I give my friends and family the raw and uncut version everytime. WHY? Because that is what the world will give them...Nothing less!!

I don't play with a person's emotion...I don't want them to play with me. That is why it is hard for me to take a person after they have used me. Fool me once, shame on me...not sticking around for round 2. I can be cordial to you! I mean, i am nice enough to speak and keep it moving..But anything else #NEG! #ontothenext...

Changing Others
It is not going to happen, so please stop wasting your time. You can be an example of what you'd like to see...But don't go into a relationship to mold a man or woman into your likings! Not gonna happen and you're going to be frustrated and miserable.

Wanting What you WANT when you want it
SPOILED is what he calls me...And? I can be! Why? cause what he won't do, I WILL...See it is not what a MAN can do for me (that's an addition for me) But its about WHAT I CAN DO FOR ME! That way when he on his period, or whatever! I am still doing me! Independence is good...Get you some!!! Then you can make specifications to the type of relationship you want!!#IJS

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