Monday, July 19, 2010

Student Blogs (June 22)

So I had the opportunity to review some student blogs. They were from and for various subjects. I reviewed Mr. Gerin's Participation in Government Class, Theory of Knowledge, Mr. Turtola's Cyber English Blog, AP English Language, and Gifted Students ( Each of these blogs offered teacher support, as well as student support and student lead activities. I choose each of the blogs because they all had updated content, the information was also up to date, and the information was easily accessible to the students and parents. Each of the blogs were helpful models. They really made the subject matter of each class more interesting. It was as if each student was knowledgable and ready to learn. For the most part, I think using a blog in the classroom is needed. It is a fun outlet to promote technology in and out of the classroom. It makes it more comprehensive and engaging. TO find the Blogs that I used go to: and simply scroll down! Happy Blogging!!

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  1. I reviewed the blogs. I agree that the sites are resourceful by keeping them current to the parents and students.