Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Year...New New

I haven't blogged in 2 months, so Forgive me!! I had to wrap up a few things and now I'm Back!! Christmas is in a day. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. Then the next week it will be the start of a New Year. I know most are preparing those New Year's resolutions and hoping to change and or delete people and things that did not work for 2009. Well, I wish you the best with that.
I have made changes through the year (as I always do) it works for me that way...You know the old saying, "A season for all." So true... I love the "NewNew" I flip it on people constantly. You should constantly reinvent yourself for the better. I suggest you evaluate yourself and situations just like your job does. If it is not working, try change. DON'T wait until the New Year...DO IT now.. My cousin brought that to my attention about my own situation. He said, "you talk that cash money *ish, make it happen." I thought about it, I have never been the one for weakness, so why start now? I got my act right together and the change has been for the best.
So as the new year is rolling in, do those evaluations so that you are on the path to NewNew...that why it sticks and becomes permanent...So as 2010 begins, so do you!!


  1. "Pretty Mindful Because Beauty & Mind go Hand in Hand" is a Completely awesome title/ witty! So is the photo on the top right.
    "New New" is a topic on which I can relate to. I like to remind myself that everyday is a new day & no matter whether or not yesterday, last week, or yester-year was a good one or a bed one, I can not live off of yesterday's glory.
    Often times when we are not producing the precise results that we want,we are the ones who need to change. As of this year, I pondered on certain desires that I am without & have finally come to the realization that it's time for me to increse my networth! In so doing, not only will I value myself in an even greater way, but my newly-found self-value will project itself in everything I do-causing others to recognize my worth a well.
    This is definitely my season & I am soooo taking it by force!!!
    Here's to the NewNew!

  2. Thanks Brie, and you are too, so right! We often times do not produce those precise "results" and should all increase our "Networth." Thanks for reading/following the blog!!!