Thursday, August 20, 2009

What are we Really Giving our Kids?

I have always strived to do the best. I have always wanted the very best out of life; I strive for it daily. Sitting here reading through some emails, it came to my attention; having the best is good, but out of that, what do I want to give to my child? I mean outside of THINGS, I want to give her something that stands the test of time. Do I give her my very first set of Pearls? A quilt from her Great Great Grandmother? Some great photos from family moments? What?

I went to college with the mindset like so many others who seek betterment. To have all the things I didn't have as a child was the main thing that college would afford me; a better chance at life. I wanted the job, house, car, husband, then the kids. Most importantly, I wanted the family life. To show my daughter, that you can achieve anything, but the greatest of those is the religion and family aspect. We give our kids just about any and everything they ask for. We show them that there is really No Limit to what money can buy. We buy them Jordans at birth, diamond earrings at age 5, Coach at age 10, New car at age 16, and what ever else after that. And yes, I am guilty of those things too, but What are we really giving our kids. Are we giving them the morals and know-how they need to succeed in life? Are we teaching them to be selfLESS and Self-sufficient and more importantly Good decision makers? Are we instilling (infusing slowly) in them good Religion.. In the case of me and my child, GOD!!! Are we adament that they seek Sunday morning worship just like Monday morning school? Those things are more important than anything else. Are we spending time with THEM? Not just riding in the car to go to the movies but are we really spending time (talking) to our kids? Bonding as parent and child, not friend to friend, but letting our children know we are here and we listen; not critizing or condemning them.

See I believe that if we spent time really bonding with our children, they will grow up to be really good and productive citizens. But if we think that we can just give them because we never had it, and not teach them, then we have set them up for failure. Having children really is a gift from GOD that we need to embrace from that moment of finding out until that moment is no more. We as parents are our childrens first teacher. Give them something they will always have, when time is hard and the bank is closed, Give them you! IF you can't give them nothing else, Give them what sustained you, strengthened you: GOD!!

Loving Kayce Always!! *TEAR*

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