Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CHILD support or Not?!?!

(SMH & SMILING) Yeah, I am going there! I have read it from Nicole Bitchie's blog to BET's Blogs and now I am weighing in on this topic myself. First, I am going to give my point. (But you are going to hear my point anyway (LOL). I believe that a child should be taken care of regardless of your responsibilities and regardless if his dad steps up or not. What can you get if he chooses not to do anything? Nothing from Nothing is well= Nothing. Exactly! Whether the dad is in the picture or not. I belive that as a woman; a single parent at that! But is it neccessary to pay $50,ooo a month in child/spousal support. But there are certain conditions that should be taken into consideration, okay and I will elaborate on them. (PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT!)

Lately, in the news I have heard of the the outrageous numbers given for child support or spousal support or what the hell ever the judge saw fit to give. I believe in most cases, that is exactly what the judge did. And I laughed everytime. It is sad. Sad on both the part of the man and woman. How is that? I believe that a father should care for a child he fathered if that child will remain with the mom jointly or vise versa. Yeah, you ladies that have and leave should be paying child support to the daddy or whoever is caring for the child. But there should be restrictions. If the parents can't comprimise a solutions then there should be a legal mediator, at least for the little people with regular salaries. See the average working dad (I'll say dad, because I know a few dad's who are hard workers and pay child support on time) makes about $55,000 year.. and say he pays $600 in child support until the child is 18. (let's hope the mother wasn't pissed and had it where he had to pay until age 21 or back child support). If the mother uses that money solely for the kids needs, there shouldn't be any problem! But in most cases, there are. She doesn't do right by the dollar and the child is shit out of luck and by the time the last check is paid, the kid doesn't even have savings for college.. that is why I say the average man should have a mediator that is there on behalf of the child's sake and not the damn parent. There is this saying "that it is cheaper to keep her." But in the year of the Gold Strikers I'd say "It's better to Ejaculate on the floor" or some other exciting place than the VaJayJay!!

And for the celebs, you have all this money, I suggest you get a tight Pre-nuptial aggreement or if you are like my Guys 50 cent or P. Diddy, who don't love em' enough to say "I do" just yet, get a tight Contract arrangment with your significant other, stating your monetary payments for just those incidents that may occur. Because your life styles are a little bit more extreme than the average man, so your kids will be privileged to a certain lifestyle. * note: child support is a reflection of the yearly salary!

To be on the safe side, just Beware of the company you keep!!

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  1. First & furthermore I will not commence to rebuttlle with you, because as we all know " we are all entitled to opinions" ! On the contrary, my fatherly thoughts are different from your well -thought of, magnificent logics. I understand that you feel as tho men and women should pay child support with out the ( divide and conquer rule ; neither ... Read Moredouble standards also) which is in a perspective true; however, if we continue to rely on others whether they are parents or not, then I think that that is only creating faulty logics and or false hope. From my point of view... we should not have to remind our partners of what they helped us create - which exspecially goes for women.. Honestly, whoever goes through such a situation shouldnt have to ask the partner to help out, because as far as I am concerned you didnt have to ask them to have sex with you or who ever! As I reiterate " we are all entitled to opinions" :-)